Planning & Development

Planning & Development Director: Brian D. Hassell
Phone: 252.459.4511, Ext. 232

499 South Barnes Street
P.O. Drawer 987
Nashville, North Carolina 27856
Fax : 252.459.8926


The Town of Nashville Department of Planning serves as an administrative review and enforcement agency. The three main areas of development regulation include the following:

Zoning Ordinance:

    • Permitted land uses and minimum lot sizes by zoning district.
    • Property boundary setback regulations for houses, commerical, and industrial structures, and detached storage buildings
    • Site plan review
    • Parking requirements
    • Signage
    • Flood Zone Regulations
Subdivision Ordinance:
    • Regulates review of the subdivision of large tracts of land into smaller lots of record for the purpose of residential, commerical, or industrial uses.
Land Use Plan:
    • In May of 2011, the Town Council adopted an updated Land Use Plan for the Town of Nashville. This plan is intended to be the community’s statement about the land use and land development within the Town’s planning jurisdiction which includes both the area within the corporate limits and the current and future extraterritorial planning jurisdiction. Specifically, the purposes of the Land Development Plan are to:
      • Analyze existing man-made and natural factors that affect land use and development
      • Delineate land development goals and objectives
      • Formulate land development policies
      • Develop a land development plan
      • Outline implementation strategies
    • Copies of this plan may be obtained for $15.00.

The department is also responsible for the enforcement of the Minimum Housing Code. This ordinance ensures that the single family housing stock in Nashville remains in a safe habitable condition for occupants.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT: The town regularly pursues Community Development Block Grant programs for qualifying neighborhoods of Nashville. This program will rehabilitate single family homes for low to moderate-income owners and /or tenants. In addition, there will be infrastructure improvements including water and sewer services as well as street resurfacing and installation of curb and gutter.

HOME CONSORTIUM: The town jointly participates with the City of Rocky Mount and 9 other local jurisdictions in a single family housing rehabilitation program for low to moderate-income homeowners. This program will loan up to $30,000 for qualified homeowners to assist with the rehabilitation of their home.

An “ETJ” is the area in which the town exercises planning and zoning code regulations. The ETJ area also allows the town to expand the corporate limits as infrastructure such as sewer and water becomes available to those areas. Currently, the town is studying the feasibility of expanding the ETJ area. Under existing state regulations, the town may exercise a two-mile ETJ as measured from the existing corporate limits.

Planning Permits / Petitions / Requests Fee Schedule

Effective 7-1-15




Rezoning Petition (requires Public Hearing)

  1. A.     District Boundaries
  2. B.     Text Change






  1. A.     Major Preliminary (more than 5 lots; no improvements)


  1. B.     Major Preliminary (more than 5 lots; w/ improvements)


  1. C.     Major Final Plat Review


  1. D.     Minor (5 or less lots; no improvements)


          E.      Text Change (Ordinance Revision)


$10 flat fee

& $5 per lot


$50 flat fee


$5.00 per lot



$5 per lot




Site Development Plans (Residential and Commercial)



Special Use Permits, including renewals



Board of Adjustment

  1. A.     Variance
  2. B.     Appeal/Interpretations





Voluntary Annexation



Involuntary Annexation



Zoning Certificates (buildings)



Permit to develop in a Flood Hazard Area



Flood Zone Certifications



Copy of Development Ordinance / Land Use Plan




A.  Freestanding Sign  

 B.  Flush Mounted Sign                                                       

 C.  Temporary Sign/Banner


 $ 75.00      $50.00$ 35.00


Yard Sale

  1. A.     First Permit in 12 Month Period
  2. B.     Next Permit in 12 Month Period


$  5.00


Rocky Mount Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
The Town of Nashville is a dues paying member, along with the City of Rocky Mount, of the Rocky Mount Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization designated by United State Federal Highway Administration. The purpose of this entity is perform long range transportation planning within its MPO designated boundaries.


Building Inspections:
All building permits and inspections unless listed otherwise are performed by the Nash County Inspections Department, but a Town of Nashville Zoning Permit is required to obtained a building permit.





As a recipient of a Small Cities Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development, the Town of Nashville has developed a recipient Plan to Further Fair Housing which includes a Complaint Procedure for the purpose of receiving and responding to complaints generated as a result of perceived violations of the State Fair Housing Act and Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968.The Town’s Fair Housing Plan, Complaint Procedures and information and literature on Fair Housing are available for inspection during regular working hours, Monday through Friday at Town Hall at 499 S. Barnes Street in Nashville. For further information, contact the Nashville Town Manager at 252-459-4511, or through the State of North Carolina TDD Number, 1-800-735-2962 for hearing impaired citizens.

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