2016 Summer Camps

Registration for Summer Camps is currently being held at J.W. Glover Memorial Park.  Sign up today for our FREE camps:  Disk Golf, Tennis, Summer Jam, Football & Cheerleading.  Additional camps for Martial Arts, Baseball and Softball are offered through our

HOPE Initiative

Nashville Police Department Press Release The Nashville Police Department is implementing the “HOPE” Initiative for individuals who want assistance with their opiate addiction. The HOPE Initiative allows those with opiate addictions to receive assistance from the Nashville Police Department without

Reducing Grease in our Sewer System.

Click “Read More”, and check out this presentation on how each of us can contribute to lessening the amount of fats, oils and greases which end up in our sewer system. FOG power point

Nashville Named #30 of 50 Safest Cities in North Carolina 2014

Nashville Named #30 of 50 Safest Cities in North Carolina 2014 The SafeWise Report Announces the 50 Safest Cities in North Carolina  The SafeWise Report released its “50 Safest Cities in North Carolina” report this week. To compile this report,

Garbage Services.

***GARBAGE SERVICES****** We will make every effort to pick up trash as listed below: * WEDNESDAY (January 29th) services will be picked up on THURSDAY (January 30th) * THURSDAY (January 30th) services will be picked up on FRIDAY (January 31st)

Water Disconnect Services.

******WATER DISCONNECT SERVICES****** Due to the inclement weather closure on January 29th, the Town of Nashville was unable to disconnect water services due to non-payment.  Please be advised that water services will be disconnected on Tuesday, February 4th for any

NFPA Safety on Frying a Turkey

NFPA discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers that immerse the turkey in hot oil. These turkey fryers use a substantial quantity of cooking oil at high temperatures, and units currently available for home use pose a significant danger

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