NFD History

1921 Corbette Fire Engine
Prior to 1916 the history is somewhat unknown, but we are aware there was a Bucket Brigade.

On Dec. 12 1916 Nashville Fire Department was Organized with 24 men and received their first hose n reel.

In 1905 there was a fire at M. W. Lincke’s The Nashville Graphic which destroyed the building.

On January 24, 1918 M. W. Lincke was Appointed Fire Chief and was the first Fire Chief of Nashville Fire Department.

In 1921 Nashville Fire Department Purchased the first fire truck, a 1921 Corbett. The Apparatus was purchased for $3,472.(Pictured Above)

In 1926 Nashville Fire Department purchased a Childs Pumper that pumped 600 GPM for $9,750.

In 1948 Purchased a American LaFrance for $15,000.

In 1958 Purchased a Tanker for $800.

In 1961 Purchased a GMC (American LaFrance) truck for $19,500.

In 1968 Purchased a Gord F-700 Tanker – Capacity 1,100 gallons which had a Pumping rate of rate of 300GPM for $10,000

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