NFD Junior Firefighters

Nashville Fire Department Junior Firefighters

“As your Fire Chief, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the Town of Nashville Fire Department – Junior Firefighter Program.  As an active participant in our junior firefighter program, you will be the future in the delivery of our community’s emergency services.  My goal is for this to be a positive experience for our young men/women and for this program to be the first step in a future emergency services career, if you so desire.
Often, when our citizens do not know where to turn for help, their first call will be to our fire department.  Our citizens expect us to fix their problem, or to at least make things better.  Therefore, our firefighters perform multitudes of different tasks other than just fighting fires.  Our firefighters are trained in all-hazards and are held in high esteem by our local citizens.  As a junior firefighter, people will look at you as a representative of our fire department.  It is very important that you follow our code of conduct and that you be courteous and respectful to all, especially when wearing our uniform.
As junior firefighter, you will be required to participate in training’s  meetings, drills, fundraising events and departmental projects. There will be many opportunities made available to you that we hope you will take advantage of.  As a junior firefighter, we expect you will take pride in our fire department and in the community that surrounds it.  As a junior firefighter, we ask that you always do the following:
  • Strive for excellence
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Be the best that you can be
  • Exhibit pride in what you do
  • Promote pride by example
  • Have fun
  • Be safe
Randy Goodbrod, Fire Chief”


This group of young men and women serve as the future firefighters for the Nashville Fire Department.  They serve diligently in helping the Fire District Auxiliary in their fundraising efforts and also participate in departmental training’s and events during the year.  These young men and women are a vital part of our organization as recruitment and retention of career and volunteer firefighters continues to be a problem across the United States.  The Junior Firefighter Program is open to young adults ages 16 – 18 who live in the Nashville Fire District.  For information on this program contact the Nashville Fire Department at (252) 459-3017  (Ext 214) and ask for one of the advisers listed below.  We encourage parents and citizens to participate in the Nashville Fire District Auxiliary Program.  

(Lead Adviser)   Jason Edwards, Fire Captain
(Co-Adviser)       Brandon Lindsey, Firefighter


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