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The Town of Nashville is subject to flooding, mostly due to increased rainfall during storm events such as hurricanes.    Stoney Creek  is the main source of flooding for the Town. 

Homeowners insurance excludes flood damage. You will need a separate flood insurance policy. There is a 30 day waiting period for flood insurance.  The Town is currently a Class  8 which is a 10% discount to property owners in the special flood hazard area (SFHA).  Please call the Planning Department to determine if you are in a SFHA. 

 Know the Terms

FLOOD WATCH - heavy rainfall is causing the rivers to overflow their banks. Flooding is possible.

FLOOD WARNING - flooding is occurring or very likely to happen. If told to leave, do so immediately.

FLASH FLOOD WATCH - flash flooding in specified areas is possible. Be alert! Quick action may be needed.

FLASH FLOOD WARNING - flash flooding is occurring or very likely to happen. Get to a safer place immediately.

REMEMBER: Don't drive in flooded areas.  Don't go  near electrical equipment this is wet or may be wet.  Some shelters take pets, some do not.  Know if your closest shelter allows pets.  Board or tape windows to avoid flying glass if it breaks. Keep important documents and keepsakes in waterproof containers in higher elevations (upper floors, attics). 

Report illegal dumping and broken silt fences to the Planning Department at 252-459-4511 ext 232.  Maintaining stream health is an important flood prevention measure.  Ensure safe drinking water by keeping our streams clean.

Secure a zoning certificate and obtain a permit for any building or rebuilding. Only use licensed contractors.   FEMA's Six Ways to Protect Your Home.

Visit the Harold D. Cooley Library Reference Section for important books on flood, flood safety, and rebuilding after a flood. 

Helpful Links for Flood Information

Flood Smart - www.floodsmart.gov

NC Flood Maps - fris.nc.gov/fris/

ReadyNC - readync.org


Flood Brochure  -   a tri-fold brochure on the  importance of being prepared for a flooding event.

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