Board of Adjustment

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The Board of Adjustment (BOA) provides  flexibility to the city zoning ordinance while maintaining the intent of the regulations.  The BOA is required by state law and acts in a quasi-judicial role, much like a judge in a court, to evaluate and interpret questions which come about concerning the zoning ordinance.  The BOA provides several roles in the overall zoning process including: appeals of any administrative officer;  providing decisions concerning the zoning ordinance or map  when a disagreement over an interpretation occurs between an administrative officer and a member of the public, granting special use permits;  requiring that certain land uses meet  conditions beyond general zoning requirements on a given parcel, and granting variances; to grant relief when hardship results from the strict application of the ordinance’s terms to a particular piece of property.

Board of Adjustment Laws:   State Statute  and   Town Ordinance


  • Ross Strickland – Chairman
  • Pat Daniels
  • Alfred Edwards
  • Dennis Evans
  • Willie Morris
  • Tommy Sasser, Sr.
  • Eddie Thomas

Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place in the Council Chamber at 114 West Church Street.

  •  Meetings are scheduled as needed. Advertisements are placed in local news print media.

If you have interest in serving on this board, please contact Julie Spriggs,  Planning & Development Director at 459-4511 x 232.