Fire Department Personnel

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Nashville Fire Department Personnel

The Nashville Fire Department operates as a combination system. This means our personnel are made up of career firefighters as well as volunteers firefighters.

Listed below is the men and women who wear the patch of Nashville Fire Department.



Career Staff 


Fire Chief:  Chris Joyner 

A Shift  

Battalion Chief:   Robbie Bobbitt 

Lieutenant:   Chris Sykes

Engineer: Dwain Perry

Firefighter:  Carson Brook

B Shift 

Battalion Chief:  Lee Coppedge

Lieutenant:    Andy Joyner

Engineer:  Douglas Garciga  

Firefighter:   Harrison Lancaster

C Shift 

Battalion Chief:  Scott Whitford

Lieutenant:   Alex Wester

Engineer:    Ryan Landrum

Firefighter:  Zack Tant

Part-Time Staff

 Engineer/EMT:  Larry Hill  Engineer/EMT: William Trimmer Engineer/EMT: Jason Edwards
 Firefighter/EMT:   James Reid  Firefighter/EMT: Justin Lee  Firefighter/EMT:  Matthew Bailey
   Firefighter: Chandler Bryant Firefighter/EMT:  David Baines Jr.  Firefighter/EMT:  Sam Coleman









Volunteer Members 

Volunteer Command Staff 

 Battalion Chief   Jeremy Strickland 
 Lieutenant   Tony Bailey
Lieutenant Jason Edwards
 Safety Officer Stan Mesh   
Safety Officer Chris Bissette



Vernon Potter 


Firefighters/Driver Operators

 Robbie Amerson  Devin Sherrod Tyler Massengale 
 Daniel Bailey Brian Sykes  Brian West
 Mathew Bailey Samuel  Smith Blake Smith
 Charles Garret Jerry Sherrod ELizabeth Cahoon 


Retired Members

 Ross Strickland  Jay Dornsief  Ronald Person  James S Bass
 Larry Taylor  Bill Lindsey   Dave Cauble  Leonard Brantley 
 Austin Taylor  Rick Thomason  Atlee Gulley   Raymond Cockrell 
 Ricky Dorsey  Tim Freeman  L.R. Bass Jr.   Nelson Jefferies 
 Stanley Edwards   Butch Mull   Dirk VanDorp  David Vivrette 
Tim Lewis 
 Danny Witman   Austin Taylor   Allen Williams  


Volunteer Training

Hwy64 Incident