Transferring Services

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Transferring Service  

To transfer services from one service address to another, the customer must complete a new application. The customer must apply in person and provide Proof of Identity and Proof of Ownership/Authorization. The customer must pay the existing account in full. There will be a $35 service fee to transfer services. In the event the final billing for the previous address has not been paid in full, the balance will transfer to the new account for collection along with the deposit.


Deceased Account and Estate Account Holder 

Active accounts cannot remain  in the name of  a deceased customer's name. The current occupant of the home must establish service in their name to maintain active status . In addition, a   death certificate will also be required. To transfer an account into the ownership of an estate, a death certificate and an executor letter will be required.

If the Town determines or receives notification that an account holder  is deceased, the Town will mail a notification of account closure to the address on record. The letter will set forth a date in which a new account for service must   be established to continue services.