Termination of Service for Nonpayment

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An account  that remains delinquent for more than 10 days will be assessed a nonpayment fee and be subject to disconnect beginning on the 11th day after the "due date."

Once service has been disconnected for nonpayment, the customer shall have three business days to make full payment on their account before their service is terminated. If payment in full is not received the account will be closed. The account deposit shall be applied to the outstanding account. Any remaining funds after the deposit is applied to the outstanding account balance shall be refunded to the customer. If any balance remains outstanding on the account, the Town may proceed with debt collection.

Before service will be re-instated, the customer will be required to:

  • Make full payment on any balance owed to the Town on the account.
  • Redeposit with the Town an amount equal to the application deposit or the amount of the bill outstanding at the time of termination, whichever is greater.
  • Pay a service fee.