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Utility  bills are normally mailed the first business  day of the month for the prior month's usage. Bills are due by the 18th  of the month.

If payment is not received in our office by 5pm on the 18th of the month, then the bill is considered past due and is assessed a 5% late fee. If payment is not received in our office by 5pm on the 28th of the month, then the account will be charged a nonpayment fee and is subject to disconnect beginning on the next business day.

Payments from the U.S. Postal Service with a postmark prior to the "due date" received in our office not later than the second business day after the "due date" will be considered to have been received by the "due date" and not past due.

If a customer thinks their bill is incorrect or disputes the accuracy of their bill, the customer may request a hearing regarding the bill. The hearing may take place over the phone or in person at Town Hall during regular business hours. The request for a hearing must be requested PRIOR to the "due date" shown on the bill. The customer should contact the Billing Department by phone at (252) 459-4511 or in person at Town Hall located at 499 South Barnes Street, Nashville NC 27856.

Bills may be paid by mail, in person, or dropped off in the night depository by cash, check, or money order. The night depository is located at the side of the Town Hall (between the Town Hall and Police Department). You may also elect to pay your bill by bank draft by coming by the Town Hall and completing the necessary paper work or by  mailing the  Automatic Bank Draft    form and a voided check to  Town Hall,   P.O. Box 987 Nashville, NC   27856.

Returned Payments

There will be a returned item fee for each payment returned due to insufficient funds. Currently, the returned item fee is listed as $25.00 in our  fee schedule.