Tax Collections

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Tax Collections for the Town of Nashville are overseen   by the Tax Collector who also serves as the Purchasing Agent.   The duties of the Tax Collector include:

  • Billing and collecting real estate and personal property taxes, municipal service district tax, and stormwater fees for properties located within the Town
  • Providing tax information to the public and legal professionals
  • Processing tax refunds and releases

The Tax Rate for any given year is set forth in the budget ordinance adopted by the governing board by July 1 for the given year.

Tax Bills are mailed out during the month of August and are due and payable September 1 of the fiscal year  the taxes are levied. Taxes not paid by January 5th following the due date are delinquent.

Taxes paid on or after January 6th   following the due date are subject to interest charges. Interest accrues on January 6th at the rate of 2 percent and .075 percent for each month or portion additional month. Interest is not prorated within a month. The full month’s interest charge accrues on the first day of that month.

Delinquent taxes are subject to immediate levy, garnishment, and foreclosure, attachment of bank accounts, rents, state refunds, or lottery winnings.

Payments made by mail are considered received by the tax office as of the date of the United States Postal Service postmark stamped on the envelope. If payments are not postmarked, then payment is deemed received when it actually arrives in the tax office.

Unpaid taxes will be advertised in the local newspaper in accordance with N.C. Gen. Stat.  §    105-369.

Returned payments are null and void and shall be assessed a penalty as provided in N.C. Gen. Stat.  §  105-257.

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