Annual Financial Report, Budget and Fee Schedule

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Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report is prepared to reflect the annual financial actions of the Town.  The Financial Section includes the Independent Auditor’s Report, Management’s Discussion and Analysis, and the Basic (general purpose) Financial Statements which includes the Government-wide and Fund Financial Statements along with the Required Supplemental Financial Data, Individual Fund Statements and Schedules and Other Schedules.  The final section of the report is the Compliance Section with the schedule of findings and responses. 

This 2018 Annual Financial Report is intended to allow the user to understand the financial operations of the Town and follow the revenues in and the expenditures out during the annual fiscal year which runs from July 1 – June 30.

Questions about the  information presented in this report can be directed to the Finance Department at 252-459-4511 or .

Annual Operating Budget

 Annual Operating Budget

The    budget document can best be   described as the operational financial plan for a municipality spanning a fiscal year. In North Carolina, the fiscal year for all municipalities is July 1-June 30. Most importantly, there are three purposes served by the budget document. First, the budget document is a policy document expressing the priorities of the Mayor and Town Council for the fiscal year. Second, the budget document is an operations guide. As an operations guide, the budget document is an invaluable asset to management to efficiently and effectively utilize municipal resources. Third, the budget document is a communications device to the public of how public funds are encumbered and expended. The budget document is organized into six sections  including: Budget Guide, Financial Summaries, General Fund, Enterprise Fund, Capital Projects, and Appendix.  The budget ordinance for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 was adopted on June 25, 2018.  

2019-2020 Proposed Budget

2019-2020 Budget Message

2019-2020 Fiscal Year Budget Ordinance

2018- 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Ordinance

2018-2019 Budget Message


Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

The fee schedule is a comprehensive listing of all of the Town of Nashville fees across all departments for various services and charges. The fee schedule remains in effect beyond the close of a fiscal year. However, the Town of Nashville reviews and makes changes to its fee schedule on an annual basis and adopts the fee schedule at the time of the annual budget ordinance adoption.


2019-2020 Fee Schedule