Fire Dept Auxiliary

Nashville Fire District Auxiliary

The Nashville Fire District Auxiliary and the Nashville Fire Department would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2013 Annual Reverse Raffle. The event was a huge success and without the citizens support this event would not have been possible.

The Nashville Fire District Auxiliary is a private non-profit organization that supports the Nashville Fire Department in its life safety and injury prevention programs.  This group performs fundraisers throughout the year that include the Annual Fire District Auxiliary Reverse Raffle.  This group serves as a sister organization to the Nashville Fire Department and assists with numerous departmental projects throughout the year.  To inquire about this organization or to become a member contact:

Stanley Edwards at (252) 459-6622 or the Nashville Fire Department at (252) 459-3017


Mary Lee Bass – President
Barbara Goodbrod – Vice President
Stanley Edwards – Treasurer
Lovey Rogers – Secretary
James Stump Bass
L.R. Teck Bass
Jennifer Bull
Butch Mull
Claudia Mull


A special thank you goes out to the members of this organization. Without the assistance and hard work of the auxiliary membership, the Nashville Fire Department would not be able to fund numerous life safety and injury prevention programs and provide the needed Fire and Injury Prevention materials that touch the many children and citizens that live in the Nashville Fire District each year.

The Nashville Fire District Auxiliary is  working for you to help educate citizens about life safety and injury prevention!!

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