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Our Mission                              

The mission of the Harold D. Cooley Library is to positively impact the community of Nashville, NC through the provision of educational, cultural, and recreational materials and programs.

 Donation Guidelines

The Harold D. Cooley Library is glad to accept new or like-new books, dvds, or videogames.  We cannot accept books with brown or yellow edges, stains, rips to the covers, underlined/highlighted text, inscriptions, or damage of any kind, especially bug damage or water damage. We also cannot accept items which have a strong odor of cigarette or pipe smoke. If you are considering donating textbooks, we will accept them so long as they were published within the last two years. If we are not able to add the donation to the collection, we will put it on our sale shelves and the money from the sale will contribute towards the library’s budget.


The women of Nashville’s civic clubs founded Cooley Library in 1942 and the Alston Street facility was built in 1971. The library was housed in the Alston Street facility until July 2004. The library moved to a temporary location at 501 S. Barnes Street. In October of 2007, the library made a final move to its permanent home at 114 W. Church Street.

The library was dedicated to Congressman Harold Dunbar Cooley, a Nashville, North Carolina, native and a U.S. Congressman from 1934 until 1966. Mr. Cooley made extensive contributions to the field of agriculture by serving as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee from 1949 to 1966. He was also instrumental in the nation’s farming program by his key role in the development of the Farmers Home Administration, the Soil Conservation Service, the Crop Insurance Program, the Tobacco Program as well as the Wheat and Cotton Programs, numerous farm bills, preparation and passage of soil conservation legislation, the Federal Crop Insurance Program, and the Food for Freedom Act. For his extensive contributions to farming and agriculture, the North Carolina Farm Bureau, the North Carolina State Grange, and the Progressive Farmer honored Mr. Cooley with Man of the Year Awards.

To get a card

You must be at least 16 years of age and have a photo ID with the correct address or proof of address to receive a library card and live, work or own property in Nash County. Children under the age of 16 may have their own card as long as a parent or legal guardian co-signs for them.


Cooley Library houses a collection of approximately 20,000 books. We subscribe to various periodicals and newspapers covering all age groups and interests. We also have DVDs, video games, and audiobooks for both children and adults.

Loan Period/Renewals

The loan period for most materials is 2 weeks with 2 renewals. DVDs  and magazines check out for 7 days. Ten dvds maximum for adults, two dvds for teens, and one dvd for children. Adults can check out 20 total items, teens can check out 10 items, and children can check out five. One video game maximum per card.


Black and white printouts or copies- .25 each                             

Color printouts or copies- .75 each                                                  

Fax, incoming and outgoing- $1.00 per page                       

Scanner- .25 per page                                                                        

Lost Card Fee:                                                                                      

First replacement- free                                                         

Subsequent replacements- $5.00


The fine for overdue materials is .25/day per item until the value of the item has been reached. Video game fines are $1.00/day. Currently we accept only cash or checks for payment.


Cooley Library currently has 12 desktop computers for public use, as well as 10 laptops for onsite use. Eight computers are Internet enabled and are also loaded with word processing software and Adobe Photoshop. Four of the adult computers have Adobe Acrobat Pro. Four of the computers are children’s computers with over 30 educational games.   

Book Sales

Cooley Library has a thriving used book sale at the front of the library. Prices are as follows:

Hardback- .25

Paperback- .10                                                                

DVDs and Audiobooks- .25

*All sales benefit the library.These sales are supplied by the best of the book donations.

Meeting Space

The Cooley Library has four study rooms, one small Conference Room, and one Children's Room. The study rooms are first come, first serve, must be checked out from the Circulation Desk, and must be vacated 15 minutes before closing. No food or drink aside from water is allowed in the Study Rooms.

The Conference Room and Children's Room may be reserved by calling 252-459-2106. None of the rooms can be used for the purpose of selling products or services.The best practice would be to reserve the rooms as early as possible.


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