J.W. Glover Memorial Park & Complex

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J.W. Glover Memorial Park &  Complex
J.W. Glover Memorial Park & Recreation Complex is located just off of South First Street/NC Highway 58 South (at 734 J.W. Glover Memorial Park Drive), immediately adjacent to Nash Central Middle School.

 Glover Park Map

Glover Park has many amenities to meet various recreational needs.  In the center of the park you will find the field house were the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources office is located, the concession stand an restrooms.  The field house is surrounded by 4 baseball fields, 2 of which have lighting.  At the front of the park visible from the parking lot is the football field, home to the Nashville Hornets, and the multi-use/soccer fields.  The park is surrounded by a 0.6mile track that is used frequently by running and walking enthusiasts alike.  To the left of the park behind the soccer fields there are 2 outdoor basketball courts.  Glover Park also has a 9 hole disc golf course that follows the walking path's course and a playground.    Fields can be reserved; contact Nash County Department of Recreation and Senior Services at 252-462-2628 if you are interested in reserving one of these facilities for an event. 

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