Water System Notification – No Ammonia Used for Water Treatment

Beginning Saturday, April 01, 2017 the Town of Nashville will temporarily stop adding ammonia during the water treatment disinfection process. The duration will be up to 30 days.

It is a recommended practice by AWWA and NC Public Water Supply for water suppliers that chloraminate to periodically stop adding ammonia for up to 30 days to temporarily establish a free chlorine residual. This prevents elevated levels of nitrite and nitrate formation.

Public utilities crews will also be flushing the water system to disburse free chlorine through the system. During this timeframe, you may notice an increase in chlorine taste and odor, as well as minor discoloration in your water when flushing crews are in your neighborhood. If this happens, you should run your water for a few minutes until it runs clear. If discoloration persists, you should contact Town Hall at 459-4511. Customers should also check water for discoloration before washing white clothing.

The Town of Nashville has been using chloramation as the disinfection process since February 2003. Chloramination uses both ammonia and chlorine to disinfect water and reduces the formation of by-products in the water distribution system. The Town of Nashville will resume adding ammonia in the disinfection process when free chlorine residual exist throughout the system.

Water customers affected by this change include those who pay water bills to the Town of Nashville, as well as these who pay water bills to the City of Rocky Mount and the Towns of Sharpsburg, Dortches, Whitakers, Castalia, and Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

For further information contact Jamey Baines at 459-4511, Ext.230

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