HOPE Initiative

Nashville Police Department

Press Release

The Nashville Police Department is implementing the “HOPE” Initiative for individuals who want assistance with their opiate addiction.

The HOPE Initiative allows those with opiate addictions to receive assistance from the Nashville Police Department without fear of incarceration.

Nashville, NC – The Town of Nashville announced today that it will implement the “HOPE Initiative”: a safe way to seek help for opiate addiction without fear of incarceration as well as to provide resources to give individuals hope in becoming independent.

Opiate addiction has become a real problem in society today. Many people turn to addictive drugs such as Heroin after their prescription medication runs out. Because these drugs are very addictive and difficult to stop using, people are dying at an alarming rate from overdoses. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of deaths from prescription drugs has almost tripled in the last 15 years. In addition, the number of deaths from Heroin has increased six fold in the same time period.

The Nashville Police Department is working to get ahead of this problem by offering this program before someone else becomes a statistic. During the past several months we have been consulting with organizations such as the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI), the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRM), Nash County District Attorney Robert A. Evans, The Emergency Department at Nash UNC Healthcare, as well as a number of faith based groups, treatment facilities, and volunteers.

Those seeking help for their addiction can come to the Nashville Police Department and request assistance. The Nashville Police Department will then work individually to get them the immediate resources and help they need. Individuals will also be able to turn over any drugs or paraphernalia they have without fear of arrest or prosecution. The Nash County District Attorney Robert A. Evan was consulted and is very supportive of the program. Again, those seeking help will not be charged and the drugs or paraphernalia will be disposed of properly.

The HOPE initiative is modeled after the Gloucester Massachusetts “Angel” program. The department would like to thank Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello and John Guilfoil of the Police Assisted Addiction & Recovery Initiative (PAARI)for their desire and inspiration to help others.

If you have questions about the “HOPE Initiative” you can contact Lt Joseph Corbett (Joseph.Corbett@townofnashvillenc.gov) or Chief Bashore (Thomas.Bashore@townofnashvillenc.gov) or by calling (252) 459-4545.

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